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The Revcam Die System is a turnkey, high-efficiency die detail machining system. It consists of Revcam software installed on a personal computer, Fadal VMC, tooling package (approximately 90 tools) and all fixtures. The Revcam System is integrated and tested before it is shipped to your site.

The Revcam Die System includes features, such as "Smart Cycles" which automatically perform top and bottom machining, whether right side up or upside down. "Smart drilling" doubles the effective length of drills, enabling a wider range of machinable block sizes.

Based on automatic feature recognition, automatic computer-controlled positive stop and automatic feed, speed, depth of cut and chip thinning algorithms, automatic squaring and chamfering cycles intelligently select appropriate tools for a task. All of these features are integrated with Revcam's unique technology.

The Revcam Die System makes details much faster, with higher accuracy, less operator intervention, fewer set ups and shorter programming time than any other system commercially available.

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