Focus Mold & Machining, Inc.

Focus Mold and Machining is an independent, privately owned company with proven quality and experience producing high quality plastic injection molds and rapid prototypes. Our success is the result of combining the twenty five years of technical plastic molding experience of seasoned journeymen, in-place quality systems and tool making with leading edge CNC machinery. At Focus, we're reluctant to boast, "We're the best." When you think you're the best, there's no room for improvement and no room to grow with your customers. We believe that despite our excellent capabilities, there's always the opportunity to improve and better meet the needs and expectations of our customers - the true measure of our performance.

We want to work for you, serving your needs and working hard to ensure you remain satisfied with our performance. We know that the decision of "who is best" always belongs to you - the customer.

Focus Capabilities, Specialties & Expertise

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